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As of 1/1/2020 Norse Paddle Company is closed until further notice
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The Norse Guide Stick

A raft guide's essential piece of equipment

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The Norse Guide Stick

Our History

In the beginning...
In the beginning...

Back in the late sixties Pennsylvania C-1 paddler Richard Brown decided to make a paddle to go with the boat he had made.

That led to another and another and...Norse Paddles were born.

Since 1969 Richard made these high quality durable paddles that everyone in the region knew and enjoyed. Until 2001 when one of his other projects took hold and became profitable. He then dedicated all of his time to that and Norse paddles were no longer being made.

Fast forward to 2009 when Don Nelson, a raft guide and equipment repairer for Adventure Calls Outfitters in Western NY, is repairing guide paddles and calls Richard to discuss how they were made in order to better understand how to repair them and a friendship was formed!

See the side bar photo of paddles that are still in use that were purchased in 1975!